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Chic Bond ™ Premium Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bond Net 1.15 Fl. Oz. (34mL.)


Chic Bond ™ Premium Lace Wig Adhesive glue
Invisible Hold Lace Wig Bond is formulated specifically for oily skin and sensitive scalps, while absorbing oils and moisture. Ideal for high humidity and high temperatures. It is infused with bamboo extract that helps promote elasticity and horsetail extract which contain natural anti-oxidants.


Directions: Apply a thin layer of Chic Bond ™ Premium Wig Adhesive glue ¼ below the hairline. Let the product become tacky to the touch and clear in appearance. Apply lace wig netting onto the bond while applying pressure to secure. For best results: place a scarf around the application area until the lace wig unit is secure. Note: to remove the lace wig and lace bond residue use Salon Pro 30 Sec® Chic Bond™ Lace Wig Bond Conditioning Remover.

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